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the hammock


The Natural landscape of the beachfront has been eroded over time by weather and developments. The Hammock implements a system based on the natural landscape of Florida beach dunes and grass areas. Dunes are formed from wind blowing sand particles into pills that eventually build up into dunes or by water, more recurring do to sea level rise, that are formed by strong water currents pushing the sand onto the beachfront. With the particles of sand also come plants. As the grass and mangroves grow, they stabilize and strengthen the dunes. These systems once established naturally prevents erosion and flooding. The Hammock is a bridge between two communities. Greenways are emphasized, bringing the natural hammock forest back to the landscape. The horizontally running roads are turned into flourishing, walkable, greenway passages. As the water rises and floods the site and its surroundings by 2070, the vegetation will have established fully functioning hammocks and bioswales throughout the complex that the future community can rely upon. Creating elevated and modular living space in the park and surrounding site, turns the community center into something that maintains life, becoming the anchor and center of the community it serves.